Tax Credit, Is it worth your time?

Tax Creidt Calculator for Small Business

We have obtained a chart from the Congressional Research Service Report “Summary of Small Business Health Insurance Tax Credit under PPACA” dated April 5th 2010 that estimates the percentage of a tax credit you may receive through Obamacare. This chart summarizes worksheets 5 through 7 of the Instruction for Form 8941.

There is a reduction in the percentage of premiums you will receive as a tax credit if you are over 10 employee’s or have average annual wages more than $25,000. You will not receive the full 35% tax credit.

You should be able to take a quick glance to determine if you want to do the paperwork to find out exactly how much is available as a credit for you small business.

The IRS calculates the time required to figure out this tax credit as:

  • Record Keeping – 12 hours 46 Minutes
  • Learning about the law – 1 hour 23 minutes
  • Preparing and Sending the form – 2 hours 48 minutes

Based upon this chart, we still think several of our clients will be able to claim a respectable portion of this available tax credit. By no means do we think everyone will be able to claim this Tax Credit.

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Tax Credit Employee Size and Wage Calculator 2010-2013

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Small Business Health Insurance Tax Credit Calculator 2010-2013

Tax Credit Employee Size and Wage Calculator 2014

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Small Business Tax Credit Calculator for 2014 and beyond

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